Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Goals before i leave for New Zealand

1. Raise Support to Leave by May (1/3 of the way there)
2. Organize so that friends can come visit, live, and join me in NZ
3. Have a good grasp on Liberty online
4. Consolidate to one good guitar that I trust the sound and pickup
5. Rewrite and record a cd of songs I have written
6. Finish rough drafts of 2 small books I want to write.
7. Connect with friends and family before I leave
8. Have a flexible yet clear plan to work towards being debt free
9. Have a fairly consistent weekly schedule with calendar, to do’s, & time alone with God

(Disclaimer: My goals are not for self-pride or accomplishment, but to focus on the things i find important, enjoyable, and worth prioritizing so that I may see, know, & enjoy God to the Fullest.)

1 comment:

Lynne Howard said...

hey can i get one of those CD's?! you know I'm a fan :)