Thursday, January 17, 2008

God is at work in Africa!!!

I don't need to hear stats. I don't need to see it for myself!
I have heard it for myself from too many friends i trust!!!
Ask Amy Morris
Ask Brock Bruce
Ask Dan Eggenschwiler
Ask Tess Scholz
Ask Chris Maybury
and Ask many others...
Everyone comes back saying they experienced God in a different way. God is working miracles, His truth is being proclaimed, and His presence is manifested their in some of the most amazing ways that aren't as common or experienced as often in America or many other places for that matter!

Why is This?
I will not claim to have such a straight answer to such a big question.
Maybe a lack of desperation in our lives
Maybe a heightened awareness and belief in the spiritual world
Maybe a different faith
Maybe it's just how God chose it
All i know is that whatever the habitants of Africa are teaching about God
whatever it is they are radiating
it is catching on to friends close to my heart
and i want some of it

The tactics may make us a little uneasy
They may not be as controlled as we want
They may not be as defined as our intellect wants
but it is definitely God at work
so count me in!


Dan Eggenschwiler said...

Ha ha, NZ...well, I never count it out. I'll end up where I end up (and that will most likely be where God opens a door and places a desire in my heart...seems to be how it works for me). I have to say, I've thought quite a bit about and even thrown the idea out there to Max of moving to Oz or NZ some time... I think I'd like to live somewhere close to Raglan and close to Auckland. Is that possible? Maybe just the very south side of Auckland since that's 45 minutes closer than we were!

Africa, huh? What's the story here?

Oh, and we should video chat sometime...maybe both wear the stubbies Tash sent just for good measure! Miss you man, glad to hear things are going well.

sara jean said...

Praise the Lord, God is reaching the nations for His Kingdom!! Keep dreaming big about how God is going to use You in His plan. Blessings on ya bro.