Thursday, July 03, 2008


Just recently I introduced myself and a lady said, "Oh, like Dongell batteries: D-O-N-G-E-L-L?" and i said, "Well that is at least my name!"
So I google searched "Dongell Batteries" and the closest thing i found was "dongle batteries." But the lady had definitely spelled my name right when she asked...
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Anyway, the search intrigued me because the third hit down that came up was my blog! I was impressed! from what i understand:

Google automatically organizes the search results in order from the most viewed relevant site at the top and down accordingly

I got curious and started Google searching my name with different words to see if i was the top search result.

As you can tell by my search topics, I was being a little facetious at the same time.

"Dongell Hot" was my next search and i was the top hit!
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"Dongell Stud" top hit.
Jamie commented from behind me, "and so prideful too"

so i typed in "Dongell Pride" Top Hit again!
So to prove a point i smugly typed in
"Dongell Humility" expecting to be the first hit.
Are you ready for this...

....My blog didn't show up in the first TWO PAGES!

Talk about humbling. Jamie laughed and I buried my head.

It was a fun joke to laugh at, but something like that really makes you think. I always considered myself to be confident. But i also figured i was humble, knowing that my self-worth and everything i did was only through Christ. But what i seem to write and think about begs to differ.

Lord help me to understand and grasp your humility better

Just for further entertainment, i would have you know i was also the top hit with food and cocky!

But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what he has done has been done through God."[h]
John 3:21

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Jamie Thompson-Wood said...

Maybe God has put me as a thorn in your flesh to keep you humble? :)