Friday, July 30, 2004

Beach Camping

Sharon & Darryl Johnston
Today i met up with the Johnstons, the Holmquists, and other relatives done in Carlsbad. We went surfing, talked around the fire, made so kind of chocolate biscuit thing, and played the guitar! It was such a fun and relaxing night! God has been good to me and has been challenging me in a bunch knew ways. It's good.

Sitting around the fire!

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Anonymous said...

hey Brent,
you probably don't look at this anymore, but I found your site when I was trying to look up ECWC's site so I've been checking it out. When I saw this I cracked up...can't believe that was a year ago. If you read this, you should definitely come back to Carlsbad with us this summer; we're going three times so give us a call.
God Bless you,