Saturday, July 03, 2004


Front Right Bumper
This is for all of you that feel like nothing bad happens to anyone else... because it does! Especially to accident prone people like me! On my way to work about a week ago, i had to pull forward to get around Trace's truck before i went to work. The thing i forgot to take note of was the detached bulldozer bucket conveniently placed where i couldn't see it. In the parent's new car... this could never be a good thing so a few scratches, the window washer fluid container, and probably a couple of my pay checks later... Life goes on. If your life is bad just remember somebody has it worse, and its probably me...hahaha just kidding! Happy 4th of July!

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Anonymous said...

Smoothe move B! Why do you and I always do stuff like that?!? I thought when we moved to DC that would change... nope! -B