Tuesday, July 13, 2004

A Tribute to the old houses

Here is a look at all the places my family lived in California

The Church Parsonage Lived here 7 years
This was the place we moved into coming from North Carolina. The new pastor is fixing it up! If there is one thing i remember about this house... it had a gargantuous mailbox. I really think i could've fit in it as a first grader. Surprisingly enough, i was never stupid enough to try!

Second House- lived here 2 years
This is where we lived up on Shadow Mountain for two years. The view was AMAZING! The fires burned the mansion next door and apparently got very close to this house but it ain't got nothin'!

Last House- Lived here 5 years
This is the last place we lived which my mom and dad turned into a paradise. Beautiful Backyard, swimming pool with waterfall and slide, jacuzzi, a pool table, and a good view. We should've advertised and rented it out as an isolated resort on the edge of Lakeside and the people would've just come flocking! Well maybe subsitute Lakeside for "San Diego, CA" but you get my point!


Anonymous said...

I left you a little surprise on our blog...
It was a hard choice between the glasses/eating pic and the bananna up the nose shot...
What? You surely didn't think that my smack talk would not invade cyberspace as well did you...

Anonymous said...


Just wanted you to know that looking at the pictures and all the stuff you write -- you make me laugh and laughing is a very good thing. Sounds like you're having a blast in CA.

Elaine Rhetts