Monday, July 19, 2004

Remembering the family

My family in Washington DC
Forget Where's Waldo... Where's BRENT!?! :) I had to do a post on my family as they all got together in Maryland this weekend! I love them and i am sure they had a blast although i am sure they missed me. No family is complete without the annoying little brother! hahaha but they enjoyed themselves. Now my mom, day, Jen, and Brandon are down in North Carolina visiting the grandparents on the farm for a few days! So jealous! If you ever dream of living a laid back life on the farm with a slow paced life, this is the place. It is paradise! A beautiful white house, ponds to fish on, cows to chase, a tractor to drive, and beautiful mountains and fields to enjoy! I hope you are enjoying life, Family!


Anonymous said...

We missed ya bro!

Anonymous said...

The family visit definitely wasn't the same without you! I would say Brandon didn't have anyone to do any "daring" (or some would say "stupid") things with him, BUT Dad made him go look for copperheads with him at the farm. Dad had him bring the camera just in case. They had no luck except for a few small snakes This was their excitement and even took priority over looking for arrowheads!!! We really missed you! The family visit was short but sweet. You are loved tons!