Saturday, July 17, 2004

Fun & Exhausting

Some of the crew chillin on the beach

San Onofre Sunset
Friday, i had a day off so i worked construction with Trace for his step dad Dennis... NEVER AGAIN! just kidding, but seriously it was one of the hottest and most exhausting days i ever worked. But it was cool to feel like i really earned the money. After that i headed up to Beach camp with some friends from Work. There was about ten of us. We had smores and hungout on friday night. I spent two hours in the waiting room while one of the girls was getting treated for the burns she got on the back of her legs while bending over the fire! It would be typical for a girl to ruin the night with some act of stupidity, wouldn't it? Just joking. Luckily she burnt herself after the smores though! Then we went Surfing Twice today, cooked out, laid on the beach, played the guitar, and just enjoyed life! I'm exhausted, but i know i am not going to get much sympathy for this one!

San Clemente Sunset

A nice Wave

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Anonymous said...

Always the compasionate one, aren't you? Ha!