Sunday, July 18, 2004

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

"God's dreams for your life are not for you!" - Miles McPhereson The dreams i have for my life, the money i am making right now to spend, the job i am working at, whatever i am doing to enjoy life, whatever i am trying to get better at like surfing, and everything i own is not for my enjoyment! Well, yes it is to an extent, but its main purpose is to some how glorify God! How blind am i most of the time, that i think i am earning this money or getting better at surfing for me. It should be and will be somehow for Him! Now if i start living like that i will have a much better perspective on life!

Skyline Wesleyan Church
Today i visited Skyline Wesleyan Church for their 50th year anniversary service. I went with Rick and Amber Klausen(friends from El Cajon Wesleyan). It was huge because the services were combined under a big tent! Maxwell spoke and it was nifty to see Jim Garlow and Maxwell up there together.

Jim Garlow(present pastor) and John Maxwell(former pastor) at Skyline Wesleyan Church.
Then I went with Rick golfing later in the day. I got lucky, but I made a birdie putting from the rough and i chipped in my first shot ever! I talked to Casey Craig a friend from El Cajon Wesleyan who is traveling with a minor League team trying to make it pro. Apparently he is doing really well with hitting and even stole home in one of his last games... that reminds me of Sandlot the movie! ANyways, I went over to Travis Hobbs graduation party from IWU for a little while and then went to The Rock where Miles McPhereson(a former Charger) speaks! He spoke the Word of God and was HILARIOUS as usual! Trace and i had a good talk about life afterwards. It's amazing how God orchestrates everyday life to wake us up to His truth and miracles in so many ways!

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