Monday, July 05, 2004

Padres' Game in the New Stadium

So after work... oh yeah, had a little work today!... I went to the Padres' game. Trace's step dad Dennis was hosting a business party so we went to the Padres' game for free and went into the Private Party section and had ALL the free hot dogs, chicken strips, barbecue & honey mustard sauce, and sodas that WE WANTED!!! i don't think i have ever felt so special in my life. This was the Stadium view we had. It was a pretty cool Stadium. The Stadium is right in the middle of everything downtown and has a great view. It was a chill night. QUICK NOTE: "Chill" is Trace's new word for everything... so if i start to say it, sorry. After that we went and sat in a jacuzzi for a little while. Not a bad night at all if you ask me!

Taneil & boyfriend Ryan, Trace, Tom, and Me


Backyard Stadium View With the Coronado Bridge!

another stadium view

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