Saturday, July 10, 2004

Good Times in Cali

Danielle, TIffany, and Me
I have been seeing everybody since i have been home. I caught up with Danielle and Tiffany(two of the the San Diegans that go to Indiana Wesleyan too). I have seen a few movies, Trace and i went and played basketball and frisbee the other night, and surfing as usual. I did laundry last week(and some of you ask "why is that a big deal?" but if you know me...That's a BIG Deal!), Trace and i did some work for Dennis(Trace's Step dad), and i got a new country cd. WARNING: Country music grows on you! I am still not hard core, but if i am not careful i could easily fall into the deep end of country music! :)

The Count
IN-N-OUT= 1111111
Mexican Food=1111111111
and it continues!
TOday was a great day of surfing. We went to PB(Pacific Beach) and i was catching big waves and Trace couldn't stop smiling because he pulled his first floater. He couldn't stop smiling for the rest of the day. Well, Trace and I have been reading the Purpose Driven Life as of late. While we were surfing Trace said that his metaphor for life was: "Life is a Wave." I started to crack up because of the obvious answer to this statement and he told me to hear him out. He said, "We are sitting in the ocean and God is the waves. We need to and are going to be moved by God(the waves) no matter what, so the question is what you do with it. No matter how big or small, God is going to send waves into your life and you need to decide what to do with it. They can crash on you, they can suck you out into the sea, or you can ride them and make the best of whatever is sent your way.


amy lynn said...

very wise. i'm seriouse though, it does make sense. by the way, i got one too...scary huh? lol. check me out.

Anonymous said...

i met tiffany i'm pretty sure. in the airport when i was going back to school at christmas time. after talking we found out that we had a connection through you. so it was random when i recognized her pic. anyways- it was fun hanging out with you the other nite. i'll talk to you later! - kim

Anonymous said...

Hey,Brent,this is your mom! Did I get this right? "Since I have been HOME, I have been seeing lots of friends." I feel the love!!!

Tell Trace I really like his analogy! I'm impressed.

Anonymous said...

Brent, I can't think of a time in life when I could really say that I'm extremely disappointed in you until now! Who would spend their precious time listening to unhealthy, ear-ringing, aweful, twanging country music?!? Get a better hobby...not one that discredits your character! :)
Love, Jen