Wednesday, May 14, 2008

It's Game Time!!!

I am leaving for New Zealand this Summer.

It just hit me this week that is SOON! It is game time! Fourth Quarter... time to finish strong while i am here in the states.
What does that mean? That means i have a lot of prayer, paperwork, organization, support raising, and focus to make this time in life come into focus and fruition!
I have some more to write, but tonight is not the time. I will have more thoughts and pictures soon.


Anonymous said...

Hey man, looking forward to having you in the country so we can have that catch up :)

sara jean said...

Have you chosen a fly-out day yet?? Stay focused, you can devour that paperwork and teach it a lesson! Don't get down with details, just do one thing at a time:) Blessings on ya bro.