Friday, May 30, 2008

Things i just gained an appreciation for: my Mach 3 & Febreze

I went to Matt's wedding a two weeks ago and i didn't take my electric razor i normally use. I also had left my Mach 3 at a friends house and have only used cheap blades to shave for the last couple of months.
But the Mach 3 shaved SO close. A good shave just felt absolutely amazing. I salute the inventor of the Mach 3.

Secondly, i got this musty smell in my car 2 months ago that i have not been able to get out. I know friends that smoke use febreze to kill the smell, but have personally never used it... until now! I used it on my car and it killed the smell in a day what i have tried to cover up for weeks with air freshener. God's hand was on the man that invented the Febreze.

Thank goodness for a good shave with a Mach 3 and a fresh smiling life with Febreze

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