Saturday, May 03, 2008

Two Great Things Happened Today...

I cleared my emails!
I have had the most trouble trying to get my emails to work with the mac program's mail and entourage. I just recently in this last week put everything through gmail and for the first time in a LONG time i am caught up and on top of my communication in this area!!!

I Found People Who Loved Dancing at Work
I like dancing.
I find it as a release and way to enjoy life while not caring about what other people think.
I found there are two kinds of dancing:
1. To Prove Something (often clubbing)
2. To Just Enjoy and Not Care (often weddings)
Watch these videos and Tell me they don't just make your day!

Well this is how i felt after enjoying music and goofing off with my friends tonight after work.

You just got to smile inside

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Anonymous said...

doooood !!!!! awesome commentaries .....sounds like you are doing well .......drop me a note at .......I'll give you my personal e-mail , cell and address.....sad to say that after 22 years in sunny San Diego I have permanently relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area and contrary to popular belief God does exist here in San Francisco....sooo many good churches up here ( the closes?? Wesleyan church is about 35 -40 miles ) so I will have to choose a nieghborhood church closer to home .....not sure if I want to be in a worship band anymore but I will have to give that decision up to God.....I still play the guitar everyday ( gotta keep the chops up )....drop me a note and I will update you with pics and a longer letter.......Your Norcal Warrior Buddy Rico Suave PS ...PLEASE say hello to DAD , MOM and your sisters for me !!!!!! THANKS.....PPS I miss the San Diego mocha colored skin is now binder paper white ...Just kidding talk to you soon .....PPPS ( can I do that ?) let jerrell and michael and vanessa and tommy and ricki and steve and the rest of the great youths of ECWC know that I will send pics from my last visit , as soon as I find where I packed my external hard drive .......and I sure hope Courtney is still playing her guitar and writing cool music .....ok I'm done , really 10-4 over and out, Ricky