Thursday, May 08, 2008


A few months ago i started a word document on my desktop titled "Thoughts"
Probably one of the smartest things i have ever done!

I got into the habit of writing my thoughts down but this idea has collected them all into one place that i can go back to unfinished thoughts, revise them, post them as a blog, file them away as journal, or just delete them.

So often, though, we let AMAZING thoughts slip by us
or too often they get filed away or written on some scrap paper never to be explored again except by chance.
This thought has allowed me to continually process the learnings and concerns on my mind

Below is an example
"I’m tired of being watched. Feeling watched."

Finished for a blog:

I’m tired of being watched. Feeling watched.
As a Preacher's kid it just comes with the territory.

The last two days i have been camping out in my parent's house in Indiana while my parents are out in Arizona for grandmommy's (my dad's mom) funeral.

At first i couldn't figure out why i was so content being alone and then it made sense. I have been around people nonstop for the last three weeks and this has been the first time i have had my own undisturbed "fort" per say.

Don't get me wrong, the majority of time i thrive off of people, i am definitely always watched, and it is definitely not an insecurity, but it is definitely draining when you have this constant usually true assumption that people are watching and measuring you up.

Once again, this is different than finding your self worth in others opinions.

Hard to explain
But pk's always seem to understand this
and all this to say, i have enjoyed my own place to be messy, rest, work at my own pace, pray leisurely, etc.

Friends know that i love you, but know that i also sure love my God and me time!

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