Friday, May 09, 2008

Settled? Pt 2. Solution?

This is not conclusive but I see a few reasons for the differences.

1. First,
I am acknowledging that I am single and not responsible for a family and that this must be taken into account because even though I can observe, I admittedly can’t tell you exactly from experience what happens in marriage and family. BUT I can state confidently that your perspective on life changes.

2. Second,
The postmodern(younger) generation does not seem to value possessions as much as our parents, and although we show little restraint in what we buy, a distinction must be made that many inwardly despise the idea of working just to have. We want the same freedoms our parents have gained because of their hard work and persistence, without the possibility of "getting stuck" doing work we don't love.
This could be just another example of wanting the rewards without the work, but I think it is bigger than that. I don’t know how, but I think it is.

3. Third,
Progressive is the name of the game. Complacency, settled, obligation just does not sound appealing.
At the same time, the more I learn about the depth of God’s love, the more I admire the family structure and wonder if we undervalue it. It seems like to the progressive youth, family seems like a possible burden, a possible distraction from what we enjoy… what we want...

But what is it that we are looking to enjoy?
Freedom from commitment?
Being at the Top?
Having a moment in the spotlight?

Because the moment these becomes the end result, I start to long more and more for a home and family that I love and know loves me so deeply that I do not long and attempt for the world to fill this emptiness or loneliness. The automatic response to this in my head says, “Exclusive! You begin looking inward and only caring for yourself and your family.” Quite the contrary.

I KNOW there are well established, secure, and healthy homes that are settled in knowing where they find their love and support without it diminishing their love and desire to help others. I would contest that actually the opposite occurs. Your love for other outside of your family should, in fact, grow and deepen.

5. I was just uncovering the underlying lie of this pursuit in my head. Here it is:

“If you find true love, you are going to settle. So instead, deprive yourself of commitment and finding full contentment in God and family. Otherwise, you will lose your drive, need, and craving to fulfill this in a variety of other things. Then you will become less driven and lose your edge.”

This is IT!!!

But what we see as a protection of what we desire
Is actually Deprivation of what we truly desire and need!

Let me say this again!!!

What we see as a plan of protection of what we desire besides God
is actually a deprivation of the love we truly need and desire from God!!!

Satan has a pretty ingenious scheme going.

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