Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Make it fun!

A picture of fox glacier in New Zealand popped up on the background of my computer today. I was remembering not expecting to have fun as Dan and i visited the glacier. I love nature and I love to be amazed and was initially excited but when we hiked and saw the first glacier from a look out point far away, it just looked like it was a big block of ice. Yep, yep, I am pretty sure it is just a big block of ice!
But Dan and I were determined to see everything so after stopping and looking at the first glacier fairly quickly, we moved on to the second. I was expecting the same. But then Dan through me for a loop… before we got to the glacier, he saw a waterfall off to the side and looked at me excitedly and said, “let’s climb it.”
At this point I had already had half-decided in my mind that there was no fun here to offer us and that we would move on to other places where there was more action to be excited about. I was proved wrong. Dan and I left the tour group we were eaves dropping in on and started climbing up this tall waterfall, blazing our own trail and jumping rocks. All of the sudden we were racing, climbing, and having a blast. We got to the highest spot that we could climb to without a high of death or injury and stopped. One of my favorite pictures is of Dan sitting up there on the rock.
I feel like it is the perfect shot of Dan the photographer taking everything in!
By that point my mood had changed. What i thought was a 15 minute stop had turned into an hour discovery climb and my creative juices were flowing. Even though we had decided to pay for the tour to climb through the glaciers, I still wanted to get closer, so Dan and I did. Our next task was to get to the glacier while this freezing cold river coming from the glacier was the only thing standing in our way. We looked up and down it and it didn’t seem that we were getting across without getting wet.. but somehow by rock hopping we did. We got our pictures close to the glacier and it was a great day!
So, this last weekend their was a high school dance party at the gym i work at. From what i could observe, I knew the turnout and dancing was going to be okay at best, but I decided to go and liven things up as a chaperone if needed. It turned out that there were only around 6 teens for the majority of the last hour but i jumped in and decided to make myself look like an idiot so everyone could loosen up and we all had a blast simply because we got over ourselves and remembered why we were there… just to have a good time. totally clean and innocent, no pressure, just people enjoying people.
I am convinced that if we came into a lot of our activities with this attitude, life will just be that much better. The next time you are going somewhere you are no to thrilled to be going, determine yourself, that you don’t care about looking good or proving a point, but that you are just there to have a good time and enjoy the company, I can almost guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

Making it fun!

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