Friday, May 09, 2008


When I write something like this post below, it is not to state a fact. It is to be honest with the reality of where I and other young adults are in order to understand each other and provoke discussion. Only then can we discover whether we are right or else find out what needs be done in this situation to correct our thoughts or actions accordingly.

Also, this is general observation... not a personal problem. :)
It often appears that...
Parents feel like they have arrived. (to their place of responsibility)

And the next generation is looks at them thinking, “That is not quite where we want to arrive to.”

As children we respect their hard work, we appreciate their concern for our future, we appreciate who they are as a people, we see what we have enjoy because of their sacrifice, we love their marriage, we value and don’t want to undermine their love and sacrifice for us, but we aren't necessarily sold on their advice because where they have or have appeared to end up is not exactly where we want to be...


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