Saturday, April 09, 2011

Adventure 1: Grand Canyon Family Time

The Last Few years two of my uncles have been hiking down and back up the Grand Canyon in one day. That is about a 5,000 ft elevation change and about a 16 mile hike total! This year they invited the rest of the guys in the family along so me, my dad, brandon, and kirby joined them on the adventure this year which was amazing! Here are some of the pics below. It was good family time, dad time, rest time, outdoor time, God time... just an overall good time.

In-N-Out 3 times and staying at my Uncle Gary's amazing place in Gilbert, AZ were definitely added bonuses!!

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junicofur said...

Finally you started posting again! :)
Looks like a blast and you have some amazing pics! Which trail did you guys hike down? Did you do rim to rim? I was there once - enough years ago that it makes me feel old - but pictures of the GC's God-crafted beauty never cease to WOW!