Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hillsong in New York... crazy

Hillsong is here in New York and apparently doing well. They started a church up this last year here in the states.
I love their music and style.

I believe this is their heart to further the kingdom to the US and in that case...
it is fun andcrazy to see people coming here from around the world to spread the good news. It is fun to welcome missionaries here in the same way people have done for me and others who have gone elsewhere with the same heart. i love servants

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Rhett said...

I personally am deeply influenced by Hillsong. Right now I'm trying to push through a budget so that we can have giant foam letters on the stage which say things like "HOPE" and "LOVE". It is my dream to eventually work our way up to blue and purple stage lights for that deeply worshipful effect.

Eventually I'd like us to be in a place where the preachers can each have their own WWE-type wrestling entrance with theme music and everything. But we may need to raise more funds for that.

*FLASH OF INSPIRATION*... I will write a book about how God wants you to be rich!!!