Thursday, March 15, 2007

Adventures Within

I have loved this job. it will only go through the next month or so, but it has been so good.
I did two week long camps in one of the richer canals of New Zealand on the Coromandel (Pauanui & Taurua)
I then snorkeled and Kayaked for 3 days at Goat Island
Then i led Kayaking and Dune Sledding at Bethels Lake
But you have no idea where these places are so below is the cool stuff.
kids being instructed with raft building
I just had about 5 times this week i thought, my life is great!

We were getting settled in to camp Monday morning and my boss Brett through me the keys to a van and said, "Go scope out and familiarize the tramp[trail] that you will take the kids on. There is a waterfall trail at one point to check out."
...Are you kidding me!?!
My boss just told me to go jog and explore a trail. I am walking through lush green bush with trees all around birds fluttering through and a stream running beside me. I have to walk over a shaky wooden bridge a few times to get over the trail. I detour up to a waterfall where i am jumping around from rock to rock seeing what i am capable of and whether the kids could handle it. I was able to just play in the woods!

That night the kids were led through the forest with no lights. The whole job of the instructors and parents was to scare the kids. I got paid to sit in a dark forest and make scary noises and grab kids feet! hahaha... that is hilarious ....sure i had some hesitation... but it was too much fun.

Where We kayaked and raced the rafts

The Next day i was able to explore another track. I was running through areas that made you wonder whether it was still on a trail or not. I was jogging and pushing my way through some thick reeds taller than me wondering where i was going and right as i came out the other side i just stopped. Everything in my body said, "Whoa!" as my eyes lifted up to see a 15 foot waterfall and hole in front of me with bush all around it and a trail up the side of the hill to the connecting waterfalls! SOoo Good!

The Last day i was able to write "Hi Garth and Rachel" (two coworkers) in huge letters on the dunes and to run up a hill a little ways to get a great view of the lake, bush, and dunes.

I just feel that God has been pouring into me and the experiences and time alone with him i have. I decided that is why i don't have a wife right now. It would just be WAY too much good in my life all at once! He is saving her so i still have something to look forward too! jk

it is great not perfect:
I still had to sit in the wind and occasional rain while waiting during lunch for the second group
it was pretty cold in the rain waiting to scare the kids
I got sick from the weather a week ago.

I know i know... poor brent. it is a rough life but someone has to do it.

I have gotten a lot more confident in archery, kayaking, boogie boarding, hiking, snorkeling, team games, tying knots, loading equipment, driving manual, raft building, safety management, and leading and controlling groups in these activities in different settings. Pretty cool.

Typical Work Day
6:30 Wakeup
7:00 Breakfast and kid Breakfast Duties
8:00 Gear Checks
8:30-12 Activity
12:30-1:30 Lunch and Lunch Duties
1:30-5:00 Activity 2
5:30-7:00 Dinner and Dinner Duties
7-9:00 Activity Run by Teachers
9-11:00 free time
11 or 12 Bed Time


Anonymous said...

hey brent, havent talked to you in a while, just wondering what your email is, and when will u be back? samantha and i are engaged and were getting married august 18th. we wanted to know if your going to be able to make it. anyway, keep having fun, and ill talk to you later. peace out bro.

B said...

hey mike! my email is Engaged! That is crazy. I don't think i will be in the states, but keep me updated!