Sunday, March 18, 2007

Fun last two weekends!

Last weekend Dan and i went to the Auckland Festival. We saw a fireworks show called Groupe F. They were amazing. It was sort of short, but the best fireworks show i have been a part of hands down!!! I felt like a kid again, looking up at the light filled sky, with my jaw dropped, seriously saying, "Awwhh... WOooww!" Dan has pictures on his page. Click Here to Look at them.

I was also able to put my silhoutte up on a building and danced in front of the big crowd!
Afterwards i was able to help 3 girls find their lost car keys. It was a good night.

I love crowds. There were 60,000 people there! That always makes me happy to be a part of!

This Weekend Dan, Geoff, Sam, and I went to Dan and I's first Rugby League game!
When we got there, a local kiwi band Dan and i have grown to like called "The Black Seeds" were playing. We rocked out to them.
The home team Warriors dominated! It was a fun gad


Anonymous said...

let me know what the best way to talk to you is cause i want to make sure me and adam are there for the all blacks game or what ever it is. i talked to my friends cousin who is from the western side of australia last night so im getting excited to come but still need input from you. i have to buy my plane ticket soon but don't want to until things are a little less up in the air. - Trace

sara jean said...

Hey brother...looks like God is doing some amazing things in your life right now! Many Blessings, dekker

sara jean said...
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