Monday, March 05, 2007

Life is Full

COMING SOON: Post on the fun job.

I didn't get to post on work because life was too busy today and other priorities came before the blog, but here were a few quick thoughts from the day.

I have not been as worried about being good enough, not being a failure, or proving myself lately. when God is doing good things you are more focused on the excitement of what is happening then your failures. Kinda cool.

A song just sang "will the world ever get tired of the silly love songs?" My answer is No. A needs of humanity are hope, community, and a fulfillment in love. A part from God these are best emulated in marriage just as the analogy goes, marriage is a portrayal of the churches union with Christ. As long as God's kingdom has not fully come, these needs will be unmet in this world.

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