Saturday, March 17, 2007

Impact of Wesleyan Camps

There has been an annual Wesleyan Family Winter Camp in June here in New Zealand for the last few years. Ignite was the 1st Youth Wesleyan camp. I knew it was a big deal, but i guess i never really considered the impact. I know it was a big turning point for some of the teens at ShoreGrace. One or two have gone so far as to say they wonder if they are even the same person coming back from camp. For all these teens coming from churches of 150 or less where they may have a youth group of anywhere from 4-30, having a group of 80 teens and a speaker, worship band, and camp focused on them is HUGE for impact and experience. I know there are stories like this at other churches as well.
Also just recently i was talking to Juliette. She shared she was raised in a Christian family, but it wasn't until the Wesleyan family camp 3 or 4 years back that she realized what it meant to be a committed follower of Jesus and that she has been intentional about her walk and commitment since then!

From conversations with teens in the other youth groups, the family camp also seems like a regrouping and reunion time for the body of believers to come together and worship together... So cool! Looking forward to that in June!


Anonymous said...

hey Brent, awesome posts! Just wanted to let you know that Tyler and I are not together, he broke up with me, but the good news is, I am going to San Diego as soon as classes are done this April and will stay there through August, living with Jessie since her husband is gone for the summer (he was deployed). So if you have any tips on fun things to do in San Diego, send them my way!! I hope you are having fun. Go tim tam!!

Anonymous said...

Brent and Dan-

Hey just wanted to say, what you guys are doing seems ridiculously AWESOME. Seeing some of your pictures and sweet adventures...makes it hard to be here. Keep living it!