Friday, March 09, 2007

My camera is temporarily getting fixed.

My laptop is getting a new battery.

My ipod is also getting a new battery.

It's all good.... all broken... but all good when its under warranty!

So i will blog, but only occasionally for the next week since i have limited pictures, internet, and time. I often try to picture what is happening in the US. IWU just had its spring break this last week. Good times.

I have been here 2 and a half months! time is going to quick!!!

I used my new used 6'3" surfboard i bought online for $115 bucks for the first time Friday. It is a fun board. So Stoked!!!!

The rest of this month for me holds:
Mon- Wed- Adventure Camp
Mon- Dan is an extra on NZ tv show!
Thurs- Interview for another promotion job
Fri-Sat- camping and kayaking at base of volcano
End of month: Youth Camping Trip
End of month: Dan's girlfriend Julie visits!
Next month: Dan and i take two week trip to South Island
April or May: Dan's parents visit NZ for 10 days
June: Trace comes out to New Zealand and then to go to Australia over 2 weeks!

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Tyler & Annette said...

wow, it sounds like you are keeping busy and having fun! What an adventure!! Lynne and Brock and Tyler and I got to hang out with Jen and Brandon over Spring Break and we had a blast. When will you get to visit the baby? Jen is looking awfully cute pregnant! We all miss you and hope you are having tons of fun! -Anne