Sunday, March 25, 2007

So GOOD!!!


I have loved the prayer support of friends and family all over the US! I have friends and family in California, Indiana, Michigan, New Zealand, Australia, Lima, Europe, etc. praying for New Zealand, ShoreGrace, and my ministry Here!

I have this quote on my screen saver that says Prayer changes things: Don't ever become skeptical of that

I was sitting in church one day and the pastor stood up and attributed the momentum forward in the services to the faithful prayers in the back room who were currently bathing the service in prayer. Lost in my thoughts in my seat i said to myself, "No, it probably has something to do with the new worship leader that is doing a great job and getting people involved." In my seat i was instantly rebuked by the Lord. I heard God speak through my thoughts and say,

"Shame on you." I had become so practical at that moment that i had put Man's abilities over God's. Who gave this man this talent? Who is responsible for bringing about life change? Who works through all of these Christians? Who brought him to this church? Who worked out all the details for this man and this crowd to be here at this point in history to see what was happening happen?

I had forgotten that every good gift was from above (James 1 & John 3).

Do you know how comforting it is to go into a time of prayer and to be able to proclaim that this time and this service is being bathed in prayer all over the world. To know that i am not going into this cold turkey, that the church isn't, but that we are just a part of God's moving and an instrument of the Lord's to prepare the hearts of may to come to him.

Thank you. THANK YOU. Thank you so much for your prayer. Ministry is taking place here, but it is not as easy to see the results, and can easily become a place of frustration. We need your help in prayer to prepare the hearts of the people we speak to, to be open and for us to see the opportunities and seize them. Thank you for your help! You are being the prayer mediators for the lost souls of New Zealand!


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