Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Things were going my way...

It was the start of a good day. Dropped Dan off and had time to read and find a hide out full of trees right beside a big traffic area. It was like i had found the peace in the midst of chaos. Work was quiet at the restaurant. I feel like i am finally wrapping my mind around the rest of the time here in my purpose and financial endeavor.
While i was waiting for Dan after work i recorded this

Then dan and i had a great time at my first rugby practice! Yeah. We were on our way home and i was out to a netball game which is essentially basketball but you can't dribble and there is not backboard. I was all smiles on the way home from rugby thinking bout everything... then i got in an accident. yeah not too much damage but the guy was cranky and it has kinda messed up the night. mmm.... i suppress these times by eating and sleeping. Sadly enough, outside of prayer, food, and sleep the other thing that cuts it for me is hearing other peoples, "I've had worse experience." Jan was sharing with me about a bad week she had with a ticket and accident in one week. I mean i will be the first to admit, "I have done a lot of STUPID things!" but for some reason, it just always sounds good to hear stories just as bad or worse to just remind you that... Life could be Worse! Anyways, no one was hurt and the accident was minor, but there are still details to figure out. Thanks for your prayers. If anything i feel like this was a spiritual attack to distract our minds in this time of concentration and breakthrough in Dan and I's purpose and walks and future while we are here. So if this is comfort to anyone else. This story was way more complicated and difficult, but i will spare you the sadness. Thanks for caring enough to listen to me process life.


Anonymous said...

whoa...you have a beard! You look older! Like a real adult! not a college student! :)

About Brandon said...

I'm sorry, Brent! I am so glad that you were not hurt!!!



Anonymous said...

hey brent, very relieved to hear that you are ok and that no one was hurt. the Lord always has a funny way of working things out so keep looking to Him and just keep doing what your doing and He will take care of the rest. take care and keepinig you in my prayers.