Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Being a Dreamer...

Can i dream with you for a second...
(without criticism, without everything planned, without thinking everything through rationally)

Here is my tentative exciting plan for the next few years. It makes me smile just thinking about it!
I am planning on coming back to New Zealand for another one if not two years. I am looking into the possibility of coming back as a fully supported missionary under Global Partners but there are still a lot of details to work out before that happens.
In that time i would also love to complete my Master's degree.
If i were to look into the Program at Asbury i would still have one more year of schooling back in the states after those two years.
If not i am thinking about running across the US(CA to NC)! (haha). I am seriously dreaming, but i was talking it through and why not?!? Just by pure mileage it would take about
Year- 8 miles/day
9 months- 12 miles/day
6 months- 16 miles/day
3 months- 20 miles/day

I am all about goal setting right now so here is a dream three year plan...

Minister in New Zealand with young adults and the Wesleyan church
Finish my Masters
Run across the states
Use any left over time and money in the year to travel
Step into a church that i believe in
Hopefully be on track towards finding a girl or getting married. :)

Just Dreaming...
Why not...?!?

I am open to your thoughts, i am thinking out loud.

If i were to run across the states and you would be willing to jog a leg of the journey with me, would you post a comment saying you would? That would be awesome!
tarzan brent! :)


Anonymous said...

I'm in lets go for the three month plan though we can walk a little if we need to! :) Would you be interseted in going to DC with me for a couple days in August to visit Emily I need a road trip buddy? I loved your dance video I talked it over with Kathy and we are taking you out dancing sometime it would be great!! Facebook me or email me and let me know if your in I hope so it would be SO much fun!

About Brandon said...

I miss and love you, Brent!

Your Sister,


About Brandon said...

Of course I'm in, B! However, with a new baby and amazingly beautiful wife - I might not be able to go the whole way/year. Maybe a few states/months!



Anonymous said...

hey brent, I AM DEFINATELY IN!!! let me know when and where and i will be there :)

- Jiffy

p.s. still working on the dance video, trying to get some of my friends to exctied!!

Anonymous said...

getting a wife is LAST on your list?! where are your priorities!! ha ha, jk - but seriously, have you met any cute, Godly women out there in NZ?? You are quite a catch! I don't think it will be 2011!! I TIM TAMMED today with Jess and it was AMAZING! I had to order it special but you can get them anytime! But then again, I can go get In n Out whenever I I am lucky too! San Diego is a pretty neat place!! Hope you are having fun and enjoying life in NZ.

Anonymous said...

Hey Brent(aka marathon buddy)!
You know I'm always up for a good run!
I'm glad things are going so well in NZ. Take care!

Abbey said...

i'm always down for a run. not sure where i'll be, ha but its a sweeeet goal.