Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Trace and Adam Arrived!

It was a full day today.
I picked up Trace and Adam around 7am in the morning.
Showed them around One Tree Hill(picture)
around the downtown
went to Sam's first rugby game
went to the World's largest movie screen to see Pirates of the Caribbean
and got home and crashed!
We go kayaking and hiking tomorrow and meet up with some friends later so hopefully it will work
It is good to have "newbies" who find everything weird and exciting!
It is fun to tour them around and show them into my world!

I had a good conversation with the teens tonight on the drive home from the movies. it was interesting to hear there concern for me leaving and them feeling lost as to what they will do. it gave me a strong vision to pass on the torch strong to the teens and parents who will continue with the youth!!!

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About Brandon said...

It's the 1 week countdown to your birthday! Yea!!!

I hope you have and awesome time with Trace and Adam! We wish we could be there seeing all the adventures with you guys!