Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Today Adam, Joe, Dan, Trace, and I went and hike Mt. Rangitoto, Auckland's volcanic island just outside the downtown area(see picture below)
We got up at 7:30am to head out!
We kayaked over, hiked up, explored some caves, and came back just before dark!
It was a full and great day to just hangout and enjoy the outdoors!
This Picture below is going up as one of my absolute FAVORITES right now!
We are all tired and going to bed. We plan on surfing and chilling the next two days. So many good conversations are taking place and it is so good just getting to spend time on relationships and people at this point!!! Prayer has been huge in healing Adam's sprained ankle from just YESTERDAY after he arrived.
Dan mentioned today that he thinks we just need to really be careful! :) half kidding half serious. So much "blah" has happened that he reckons we need a lot of prayer and precaution as we head into these next few weeks. I would agree, although i am excited and believe some exciting things will happen and a lot of good conversations and relationships will happen as well!

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