Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Someone was praying last night

Dan and his parents (Jack & Diane)
One of my last few goals i accomplished yesterday. Dan and i have done so much! but i really wanted to take Jan and Rod out for a meal to a place with some jazzy/blues music in the background. It was perfect because Dan's Parent's have come to visit New Zealand. They came in on Sunday and Jan, Rod, Dan, Dan's parents, and i went out to Igaucu for lunch. The music wasn't what i expected, but the time was still very special for everyone!
I'm restless... There is something happening, a lot happening in my mind. Someone is praying for me right now and not letting me go to sleep! There was a reason i had that conversation with Rod tonight instead of going to bed. It is between 1:15- 1:45am in New Zealand which means its 6:15-6:45am in San Diego, CA and 9:47am in Indiana and Michigan. I don't know who or why, but someone is praying and keeping me from going to bed. There is something burning in my heart. There is a restless world around me and i am in a time of preparation. This whole trip has been a time of preparation.
I am on a kick where i realize i can accomplish anything physically i put my mind to, Lord willing. hahaha I have honestly been contemplating running across the US... i mean why not?!? But seriously, what that has done has made me contemplate more so what i really can and do want to accomplish in life. To truly look to the Lord and say, "What do we want to do." God is definitely the one driving, but looking back over my life, i have appreciated how many awesome experiences me and God have shared together. He truly is one of my most meaningful relationships as a i look back

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Ruka said...

Dan's parents' names are Jack and Diane? For serious?! That totally reminds me of a song. :)