Monday, May 28, 2007

God gave me this day to...

I have loved my time with God the Last two Days! Absolutely Loved it!!!! It has been some of the most freeing and refreshing time i have had in awhile. I have had perma-grin(where you can stop smiling) for long periods of time! I went for a 1-2hr walk yesterday and drove for an hour today with no music on. There has been so much victory, excitement, and refreshment in those times... I can't even begin to explain it all but i will start with this.

I was reading a book from my mom called 90 minutes in Heaven. There was a random story describing ne man's life who had lost his sight and became really depressed. One day a friend told him to stop focusing on what he couldn't do. He challenged his blind friend to write down a list of everything he was still capable of doing. The friend came back soon after and the blind man was over a 1000opportunities and counting.
Today i started to play the game, "God gave me this day to..."
God literally "Gave" us this day
We forget sometimes in our routine that God is God and he chooses whether it is time or not. He decides whether the Sun comes up each day or night. In one book called Orthodoxy, the author retorts, Who is to say that God is not saying, that sunrise was and sunset was so good yesterday... Let's do it again!"
God literally gave each of us... this world.. this day for something.
So i started playing the game.
God gave me this day to:
...To find Him through this world and others
...To help others
...Choose Him
...To Enjoy His Creation
...To Just Be
...To Enjoy My Senses: Touch, hearing, Taste, Feel, Sight
...To Enjoy the Music
I am not sure if it is the same for you.. But each of these things excites me and sounds so enjoyable! Even touching the ATM machine and enjoying my ability to feel smooth surfaces was so good.

What is this in response to? I am meeting too many people who seem to just be surviving. Who don't seem to be happy to be at work or where they are at. My question there was:

Why are you happy to be alive today?
I hope you have some answer.

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