Saturday, May 26, 2007

My Life Schedule

I just finished up work as a waiter at Fools n Horses on this Friday!
Life looks crazy from here on out!

Adam and Trace on previous surf trip
May 27 Dan's last Sunday at Shoregrace
May 29 Trace and Adam fly in to New Zealand to see NZ then travel to Australia
June 2 Trace, Dan, Adam, and I go to All Blacks(#1) vs. France(#2) rugby game
June 3 We attend Wesleyan Family Camp for a day
June 5 My Birthday!
June 5 Dan Leaves for the States! He Flies to Florida to attend a wedding with Julie and her family
June 5 Trace, Adam, and i fly to Melbourne, Australia to start our travels!
June 17 Trace and Adam fly back to US from Brisbanne, Australia
June 21 I fly back to Auckland for 3 more weeks.
July 1-5 & 7-13 I will be instructing snowboarding
July 14 Fly back to the US
July 15-21 Visit with grandparents, mom, dad, kelly, brenton, Jen, Brandon, and hopefully their new baby(Due any time)!
July- Working out logistics and raising support to return to New Zealand for another two years!

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