Thursday, May 31, 2007

All play no work...!

Time has been great with these guys here. I have worked hard and saved up and now we are playing like crazy!!! We slept in today from the long day yesterday. Then wewent downtown and walked around and souvenir shopped a little bit and then went surfing out at Bethel's beach which was amazing!

Let me describe Bethel's too you. It is a black sand beach so the reflections off the sand when it is wet are amazing whether it is light or dark. Besides that there are just big volcanic rock formations all along the coast. The waves were pretty big and clean for the day. Then it was kinda cloudly just to make the sunset, cloudy yet beautiful. While sitting out behind the waves we had the sunset on one side and the stars above us and the moon just peaking over the rocks and hills on shore on the other... BEAUTIFUL. Trace and Adam loved it.

But pray for me and getting a little work done. I have a few things i just have to get done before going to Australia and that will be the toughest part about these next few days! Tough life i know.. But thanks for your concern in following my life and my thoughts!!!

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