Friday, May 11, 2007

South Island Trip Recap With Pictures! Week 1

New Zealand is about the size of California to put it in perspective.
There are Videos and Pictures throughout this blog.... enjoy the South Island!
This Blog does not do the trip justice either. I have boundless amount of incredible pictures that this blog just can't handle!

Day 1 Sun
Auckland to Wellington
We drove from Auckland to catch a ferry in wellington by 2am in the morning.

We picked up hitchhiker Luke along the way and stopped by the "Three Sisters" in New Plyouth We slept on the ferry.

Day 2 Mon
Picton to Abel Tasman to Nelson
We woke up early and went and kayaked around the Abel Tasman all day.

We explored, saw and touched sea lions, and jumped off rocks.
Then we met up with at the Macs, a family of a friend Dan and I worked with(Kate), for the night and stayed at their horse farm.

Day 3 Tues
Nelson to Grey Mouth
We spent the morning at the horse farm .
This is where Dan and i jumped off suicide jump. i did a one and a half off the 20 foot rock!
There Dog also has mad hops! Watch this video while it plays catch and tries to catch the rugby ball. Click on Video:
Video 1: Trying to grab
Video 2: Pass Back

We drove to pancake rocks and a blowhole near Greymouth for the night
A Kiwi Bird ran in front of our car briefly (which is very rare to see in the wild)
We went on a wombat hunt (ended up being a possum hunt... but we didn't know better).

Day 4 Wed
GreyMouth to Hokitika to Frans Joseph and Fox Glaciers

Climbed a waterfall
Saw the Glaciers
I don't know how many one lane bridges we went across! at least 20 on the island! There is only one lane and you have to make sure you don't have to give way to traffic on the other side before crossing the bridge!
to Lake Wanaka to Queenstown
Stopped for endless breathtaking relfections and places of peace
We stopped by Puzzling world ( a personal highlight!)
It is a place of illusions, a life size two story maze, etc.
There was one room called the Ames Forced Perspective Room.
The technique of this illusion was used in The Lord of the Rings film to create tall people and little people. The shape of this room is totally distorted although when viewed from outside through a window, the room looks perfectly normal.

Click Here to see Video of Dan and I! It is pretty Sweet!

Day 5 Thurs
This was our adventure day! We debated long and hard between the world's largest canyon swing 360 ft tall and the nevis bungee jump 440 feet tall. We went canyon swing and it was sweet.
here is a video of one of Dan's jumps! Click Here.
Then we just hung around the town which as you can tell was also beautiful!

Day 6 Fri
Milford Sound
we went on a boat ride since this area is known for exploring the waters here surrounded by the mountains

Day 7 Sat
Queenstown to Dunedin

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