Wednesday, May 09, 2007

South Island Trip Recap With Pictures! Week 2

The Post was so Big i had to split it into two!

Day 8 Sun
Saw the only remaining Albatross colony
(kind of a disappointment. They are just big seagulls, i was picturing some magnificent creature unlike anything i had seen before)
Personal Highlight: Saw Blue Penguins in the wild!!!

Day 9 Mon
Dunedin to ChristChurch
Met up with an american friend, Emma, who is going to the University of Canterbury in Christchurch. They had a group over for dinner and dan and i just enjoyed hanging out in a dormitory(unusual for here) for the night with a group of guys and girls

Day 10 Tues
Relaxed in downtown Christchurch
Ran up the World's steepest road

Day 11 Wes
Dan had a migrane so we chilled around the house
i went for a 10-11 mile run and it felt SO GOOD!
went to a bible study on revelations with Jess and Liam
Jess(is the daughter of the family we stayed with in Nelson)
These two felt like close friends we had known forever over a few days together. So cool!
Day 12 Thurs
Christchurch to Kaikora to Picton
Climbed a random structure
Relaxed in Kaikora
Went surfing along the coast
Drove and slept in Picton

Day 13 Fri
Picton to Wellington
Enjoyed the View crossing the sea
Spent the day Chilling in Wellington

Day 14 Sat
Wellington to Tangiroro to AucklandHiked the 17km tangiroro crossing(where some of Lord of the Rings was filmed)
the walk went from a desert like feel to lake filled craters on the top to forest on the other side!

Sat in a Jacuzzi from the strenuous yet fun walk
We got into Auckland Late Saturday Night and crashed

Day 15 Sun
Preached on love at church and shared a special in music as well
Here is a short clip of the song

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