Sunday, January 14, 2007

Fijian Church Visit

Tomorrow: Post on First Sunday night at ShoreGrace and the church in NZ
Above: The Two pastors of church

Sunday Morning I was able to attend a Fijian Wesleyan Church with the Fussners and Annie. It was called Saioni which stands for Zion. They met in a Catholic school room.

Below is a video of the pastor speaking in Fijian and the group singing after lunch. So if you can't understand it, thats because you shouldn't, it's in Fijian!!!. Pardon the bad video taping. I didn't want to be intrusive or disrespectful so i held the camera low. This is the pastor speaking in Fijian and the group singing after lunch. The man laughing is 68 and celebrating his birthday. I love his laugh!

Click HERE to see video

They say Bula to say hello and banaka to say thank you
The men where a skirt like fabric called a sulu.
The Singing was amazing. They don't use instruments so their voices and harmonies are amazing!
Afterwards they turned the room into a fellowship hall and served us a lot of amazing food. They like seafood and curry. it was very good. They treated us like royalty too. Their hospitality was amazing.

It was amazing to worship with a different group of people. I sang my own songs and said my own prayers in unison with the beautiful Fijian prayers and songs behind me. I loved it.
Celebrating a 68th birthday is big. Fijians life expectancy are shorter

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