Sunday, January 07, 2007

Living Simply in an Expensive Place!

Before I get started we are going to play a quick game.
This is a picture of the host family awhile ago.
What actor/actress do the parents remind you of(my answer at bottom of this post)

So Far Dan and I have managed to experience a lot and live cheap, in a not so cheap place to live(living prices below for examples).

$1.00NZ=$0.69US also $144US= $210NZ
approx. Prices in NZ$
Big Mac $3.75
Movie $15
Bowling $9/game
Gas $1.42/liter= $5.40/gallon
Cell Phone $99 at cheapest easily up to a $1,000
Ipod nano $350
Downtown parking $4/hr average

Despite this, Dan and i have had to spend relatively little. The host family has been very kind in providing meals and transportation right now. We have also found plenty of fun. Different beaches, a free Auckland day trip, park play grounds, hiking hills, free cricket game tickets, free carnival park. We have tried to pay for different meals and things, but every insists to pay. I figure it will where off soon! :) I mean i would get sick of paying for everything i eat... jk! We even found used cell phones that work great for $55. We have been very fortunate so far.
This will mean that a lot of the money we will save up and make will be used a lot towards traveling and Shoregrace church outside of everyday living expenses!

Since youth group will not start towards the beginning of February, and jobs will keep us a little more busy soon enough, i figure that Dan and i might do some traveling soon! I'll let you know.

The Family Photo reminds me of
Jane Seymour from Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman &
Russell Crowe

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