Saturday, January 20, 2007

A Lot Can Happen in 2 Days!!!

Dan asked me the other Day how i stayed consistent with my blog so much. Honestly, right now this is my form of journaling and there really isn't enough time or space to write down all my thoughts. i have 6 potential posts waiting, but i know that if i post more than one in a day you won't read it all, so i am pacing myself. Good day, mate.

Tomorrow night will be my second Sunday with the youth... excited!

A lot will happen this week! We plan to have get an apartment and car this week. Our parttime jobs start later next week, so we are taking a 3 day trip(Mon-Wed) before we dive head on into work, ministry, etc.

Video Of the Day:Driving Through A Roundabout
This is a video of me playing minigolf, driving on the left side of the road, and through a roundabout. Nothing Flash, but good for you to see what it looks like driving here.

To see Click HERE

Yesterday, Dan and i worked! I am starting to get used to this whole job searching thing. I just went and served at a second restaurant on a trial run. I think i will work here at this Paper Moon Cafe in Marangai Bay (see below). I LOVE serving at a restaurant. This is a Cafe/Restaraunt. I was nervous and messed up occasionally, but did good considering this was my only second time serving in my whole life outside of my other trial night where i had one table two nights ago. This night i had 4 tables and felt a lot more confident. I overpoured a drink and forgot pepper for one table, but its all good. Thanks Trace for your tips on serving!

Dan is ultimately looking for a Graphic Design/ Photography job but has landed a backup part time job at a place called The Copper Room. It was crazy when i went in to see Dan Friday night, but he looked like he was doing great in the midst of chaos in Takapuna.

Both jobs are about 10 minutes from the downtown and the church. We are currently looking for housing somewhere in between.

Today we went surfing again. Dan and James had great rides! Below are a few pics. I also got to take out a 7 foot board and cruise. it felt aMAZING.

Today was a productive day. dan and i looked at an apartment, cars, and went to Annie Wright's Birthday party. Since Annie's B-day is in the winter back in the US, her friends made it snow in the garage. We all wore beanies and scarfs and drank apple cider in the middle of NZ's summer. brilliant!

Burger Fuel is also a big burger joint here. The Burgers are HUGE! Dan and i rewarded ourselves for our long day of productivity before Annie's Party. The meat was mediocre and expensive, but it sure filled us up!

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