Monday, January 29, 2007

Schedule to Get Out! it's a MUST!!!

When I was standing on Mt. Maunganui on Dan and I's 3 day trip, i was so BLOWN away by the thought fact that people were 30 minutes or less from theis awesome view and escape, but weren't willing to take a few hours out of their lives or schedules to enjoy. Please, PLEASE schedule in a time in the next week or two to get outside in a place that there will be no distractions or time restrictions, but just allows you to sit, enjoy, and think. you won't regret it!!! I am sure there are places within 10 or 15 minutes that would be perfect, but you have just not taken the time!

TOMORROW: I have had a lot of awesome fun dune sledding, hiking, sliding down a drain but i am to tired to blog so there will be videos and pics tomorrow of fun stuff!!!

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