Friday, January 05, 2007

Where i am at in New Zealand

TOMORROW: Maps of where we are at and where we have been!

Shore Grace, the church where i will help lead the youth group, will meet at this city hall until they move into their new building in February.

Three things that Dan and i will be dealing with this next week or two are where we want to live, how that affects our jobs, and how adventure trips will fit into our future schedules.

It's really kinda crazy. Right here in the middle of the summer ShoreGrace is taking two Sundays off, so there won't be any services until the January 14th and the youth are taking a breath until youth camp the first week of February. This means that Dan and I have had a week to take care of details like cellphones and bank accounts. We have also been able to see a lot of Auckland and experience a lot. We have been to a few beaches and tomorrow one of the families is taking us to a cricket game... 7 HOURS long!!!

So today Dan and i went for a jog with the boys. There is a path(what they would call a bush walk) where we walked by sheep on our run and then passed through a little area with trees and back to the road. After that, we played a little cricket and football in a park near by.
It is summer here, so the sunsets at like 9pm right now! but that makes the days long and fun!

If you have been wanting to hear the accents of the Kiwis.... Here's the chance you have been waiting for!!! below is a video of the family talking.

I am reading through the bible in a year right now. Today i was reading about the Holy Temple's guidelines in Exodus and i was so comforted by the details and precautions the Lord took. Afterwards i was able to hear the testimony of Jan(host mom) over lunch. It is always so comforting to hear people reconfirm that life is messy and not simple and yet God does amazing miracles and work through it all! Family friends and workers had grudges against the church for splittling Jan and Rod's relationship up as newborn Christians who were living together, before they were allowed to serve in the church. Promised children from Jan's closed womb to family members being saved. They have had a crazy ride, but i am watching a solid Christiian couple praising the Lord for their lives, family, and the lives saved and delivered through their story. it is awesome to know that God is taking care of the details. Scary at the time, but so much fun too look back upon and rejoice with the Lord for the future!


Keith Drury said...

"there won't be any services until the September 14th" Really??? LOTS of time for adventuire travel them right? Did you mean January? (or are the months upside down in NZ too?)

Anonymous said...

hey B!

we just got back from the pastor's conference in Florida and read through all your posts from New Zeeland. we loved reading/watching. keep the videos coming - you are hilarious bro!


B & Jen

Anonymous said...'ve really thrown me off with the September 14th thing...