Monday, January 15, 2007

Internet Down!!!

The Internet at the house has been down all day so the Shore grace post will be short tonight

First Off, If you haven't seen the video from the last post click below. i love the man's laugh

Click HERE to see video

Shoregrace's sanctuary in the City Hall
(The chairs aren't all set up yet)

4:30 Setup
5:15 BBQ and hangout
6:00 Service
6:30 Break off with youth
7:30 Return youth
8-11 Played football and swam in pool with youth

The Green building is the school where will meet at starting February

Compared to how anxious I get sometimes to preach I was pretty calm this Sunday to meet the teens. We had a great time getting to know each other. I mainly gave my testimony, gave a challenging thought, and we played a game. There were about 10-12 youth. Also, there were three other girls there Dan and I’s age. I am not saying this like, “Yeah… Girls!” but more like “There are actually people my age in Greenhithe!” In the town we are in Dan and I have either hung out with adults or teens 16 and under. The only young adults we found so far are Annie Wright and a few of her friends but they live 30 minutes away and gas is expensive. I didn’t come into the church expecting much, knowing it was still a growing church plant. The music went well though and mike did a good job with communion. I missed the rest of the service with the teens. In a month the church will move from the smaller city hall to a school gym where the teens will have there own space to. The church is growing. Its good. I am excited to be apart of the church at this time. My Place at this time: These Teens have not had an experienced youth leader yet. They have had great leaders who have volunteered and loved on them, but no one that has been equipped to lead a group of teens. I am excited to be a part of this!


kerry kind said...

Hi, Brent, it's great that you are getting oriented and have a place of ministry already. Looks like you are having a great time!

joyousadventures said...

Brent- looks like you are having the time of your life! Live it up! Like you said, we´re only guaranteed today to minister, to live and to experience this amazing&abundant&wonderful life God´s given us!! Excited for you and this year of your life- expect God to move all around you!

Anonymous said...

AHH..what an exciting time! I am excited for you, that you get to be a part of this time of growth for the church. I am excited for the youth, that they will come to know Christ better through you. Hope you ENJOY every moment!