Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Hiking, Drain Rafting, & Dune Sledding

Kinda Funny! Right now i am watching the Christian channel in NZ called Shine. There is a program called Winning at Home on with Dan Seaborn. His son is one of my friends from school in Indiana!

Sunday and Monday were packed with Fun. Between Church i went on a hike with friends from East City.

After Cession it rained and Dan, David, Graeme, and i decided to try the boogie boards on the flooded drains! The current was so fast we had to run beside the person and the water and pull each other out with a rope.

Monday was a national holiday in Auckland so we went and played. We went to Bethel's lake and went Dune Sledding. I got worked by one of the jumps. Here is a video of it below. Click on it to watch the fun

Then the group headed to the beach and swam and played boche ball. They call it Patong over here. When the crowd left. dan and I went surfing until dark. We enjoyed friends, had good conversations, enjoyed God's creation outdoors, had fun, got tan, and got to surf. I would say that was a well accomplished day!

I had a meeting with Mike(pastor) Julia(assist. pastor) and a few of the leaders of Shoregrace tonight. I am excited about the future!

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Kiwi (no not the fruit!) said...

YO THIS IS ROCKING!!! You are such a blessing man. Read the post further down bout self critisim, wow talk about a moment to check oneself!! May have to have a good conversation with you hey!!

God bless,
Your brother in little NZ :)