Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Fun Tidbits of New Zealand

The Common Greetings that i have picked up here:
"How's It?" Inflection goes up on "It"
"Hey ya"
"Chyas, Mate" They are saying Cheers but the accent makes it "chyas"
"Good on ya"

DATE: They write the date date/day/year. Today is 30/1/07 here.

CONVERT: How to Convert with the metric system
This is what they use normally:

Celsius to Farehnheit= C=(F-32) x 5/9

The easy way to do this in your head is:
-multiply C by 2
-subtract 1/10 of that number
-add 32

For Example, It is usually 23 degrees Celsius here.
23 x 2= 46
41.4+32=73.4 degrees Farenheit
23C=73.4 F

Kilograms to Pounds
I weigh 89kg's here that is

Miles to Kilometers

The highest speed on a motorway has been 100kms but normally is 80km
1 mile= 1.609 kms
(Yeah, they drive a lot slower here... going 70 feels like HEAVEN!

1 meter= 1.09 yards

There are supposed to be 5 meter waves tomorrow!
5 meters is 16.4ft! It won't get that big, but it will be fun too watch!

Keith Drury was one of my Professors in college. Seeing this Sign the other day made me smile!

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Keith Drury said...

heh heh heh...I'm haunting ya!

--coach d