Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Tomorrow: I will post how the church and culture is different from the US vs NZ. It will be interesting!!!
Right before serving
Today was a BIG day for me. Solely for one reason... I served at a restaurant for the first time in my life! They had me run a two hour trial shift without any experience. The two others servers were very helpful and friendly. I felt pretty good about the way i served and i think the customers went away happy. I absolutely loved it! The job offer stood at minimum wage so i have to decide on taking the job in the next few days. If nothing else, i know i can do it no. I know the glamor will runoff, but as for now i look forward to being a barista or server.

Yesterday Dan and I took the boys to the car auction... We are planning on buying a car in the next week. it is a real one where they call out the bids, the guy talks all fast, and he bangs a gavel and says, "SOLD!!!".

Then we went and played minigolf with the boys. just a good time to connect and get the boys out of the house.
A lot of our ministry will be taking people out of there worlds and just spending time with them. Living with 3 teens has been an opportunity these first 2 weeks!

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I wish I could have seen you serve tables! I know you would be awesome! We miss you, but we are glad you are doing well!

Keep making a difference!

Love Your Big Sis,